In a world that favors pleasure, tangible purpose, and physical ability, we must not dismiss the gifts of wisdom, clarity and perspective that come with age.  Our elders, and in a special way our grandparents, impart fundamental values, traditions, and history that link the past with the present and shape the future.  But their most important gift is in their witness: passing on the Faith and helping us to know, love and serve God in every phase of life as we work towards our own heavenly eternity.  Even in infirmity, this suffering can be an opportunity to share the faith and graciously receive the love of others as a mutual gift – forging paths of sanctity for everyone involved.

Getting Started

Praying TogetherLearning about the SaintsReading DRVC Pastoral LettersEnjoying Creative ActivitiesCreating a Keepsake of Family History & TraditionsHow to Talk to Grand-TeensPope Francis’ Catechetical Teachings on Old Age (Click on Catecheses)

Praying Together

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Attend Eucharistic Adoration

Have a special meal together, talk about the difference between food for the body, and food for the soul, the Holy Eucharist.

Learning about the Saints

Our True Super Heroes

We are all called to holiness:  giving all glory to God and serving our neighbor.  The Saints are people who have died in holiness and, in no need of further purification, live in full communion with God, in Heaven, for all Eternity.  Some saints are recognized officially by the Church (canonization), but the souls of many people who have lived lives of “heroic virtue” are also in Heaven, although their sainthood is anonymous.  God’s Plan is for all of us to be saints!

The Catholic Church has canonized many young saints, and there are many more young souls for whom the cause is underway (in the process they receive the title Servant of God, Venerable and Blessed as they get closer to canonization).  Here are some of them.  For more young saints under 25 years of age, click here.

You can learn more about a favorite or patron saint here: Saint Stories from Catholic Online

Blessed Edward Poppe

Patron Saint of Children’s Adoration, a Contemporary Saint

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Michael the Archangel

Patron Saint of Grocers, Soldiers, Doctors, Mariners, Paratroopers, Police, & Sickness

St. Joan of Arc

Patron Saint of Soldiers

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Patron Saint of Young Catholics, Students, Youth Groups, World Youth Day, Mountaineers, & Catholic Action

Reading DRVC
Pastoral Letters

Enjoying Creative Activities

There is so much joy in expressing your faith through art.  Together with your grandparents or elders, you can all enjoy using your creativity to share your love of God.

Make your own “forget-me-not flower gifts” with the cut-out provided (Forget Me Not) reminding you of the gifts handed down to you by your grandparents and significant elders who have made a difference in your life. Special gifts, such as; love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, etc.  Write on your flower, and hand the flower to your special person and say “thank you”!

Design a special prayer together just for you and your grandparent or elder to say together.

Design a decade of a rosary with special prayers dedicated to whomever and whatever you wish to say together.

To support all Catholic parents/grandparents, who remain those primarily responsible for their children’s Christian formation, the team of ministers from the Archdiocese of Malta created a resource website with children’s games, videos, podcasts and crafts rich in catechetical content. The team also prepared a weekly “Sunday Liturgy” gospel reflection for families as well as encouraged all children and their family to come together to pray in their “Prayer corner.”

Ask your grandparent(s) to find a picture of him or her receiving one (or more) of the sacraments and make a frame for it.

Download color pages here.  See what reminds you of a Bible story or Church and talk about your inspiration!

Ask your grandparent(s) or special elder person in your life if they can help you make a Christmas or Easter traditional recipe that has always been special to them! 

Plant seeds, flowers, a small tree, and watch how the seasons change the plant, talk about the seasons of life.

Other Activities to Share

  • Be inspired by learning about Blessed Carlo Acutis and his profound devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist.
  • Research the lives of Saints Joachim and Anne, the Mother and Father of the Blessed Mother and Grandparents of Jesus!
  • Take a trip to the zoo to see the animals and use this opportunity to discuss the Bible story of Noah’s Ark
  • Watch and discuss an episode of “Teachable Tuesdays” at
  • Check out free resources from Catholic Online Learning Resources

Create a Keepsake of Family History & Traditions


A Meaningful Gift for Your Family

Suggested Questions for Grandparents

How to Share Your Faith with Your Grand-teens