At the same time, these “golden years” can be tarnished by loneliness, an acute awareness of one’s mortality, and a lack of purpose. But, “The challenge of faith is to get past the framework of our individual existence and be open to the surprises God brings our way.”  We honor and affirm the blessing of old age when we welcome seniors with open arms, help them in time of need, and seek out the contributions of their talents, skills and experience.  Everyone is enriched when we give and receive love without reservation—and often in ways we cannot imagine beforehand. 

In the past year, pandemic-associated restrictions have increased the sense of isolation and loneliness for so many, especially those who are older and homebound due to frailty, health conditions, or transportation limitations.  Still, they have much to offer in their words of wisdom, time for prayer, projects they can do from home, and even in the humble acceptance of their suffering.  

It is the responsibility of our Catholic community to let these older individuals know with confidence that their lives have value and that they are loved.  In this, we have proposed an “Adopt a Senior” program to make those “rich in years” feel special with a gift bag containing a few small, practical items and/or a heartfelt letter.  Making a phone call to someone you know in your parish community or living in a facility can go a long way in making someone feel loved and remembered!

Grandfather with Grandaughter - Store

Adopt a Senior

Note: Do not include personal contact information, addresses, phone numbers, personal dates, etc.

Child on Phone

Make a Phone Call or Video Chat

A phone call goes a long way to make someone feel loved and remembered. 

Note: Children should be supervised by a parent or guardian.

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Drop by an Older Neighbor’s House for a Friendly Visit

A warm smile, gentle hug, and bright conversation can lift the spirits and make someone feel really special.

Note: Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.