The life story of the contemporary Blessed Carlo Acutis, with his passion for the Most Holy Eucharist and his “highway to Heaven,” is a wonderful way for grandparents to engage with their grandchildren in a faith-based activity.  Let his inspiring example help you to share the treasure of our Catholic Faith no matter your starting point.

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Blessed Carlos Acutis:

It’s not just for kids.  In this animated video, learn about the infinite value of the Mass, the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, the Apostle St. John as a role model, the value of First Friday and First Saturday devotions, the Miracle of Fatima and more — as if Blessed Carlo were talking to you himself!

You can read more about Blessed Carlo in:

  • Blessed Carlo Acutis:  5 Steps to Being a Saint by Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo

  • Highway to Heaven:  A Spiritual Journey through the Life of Blessed Carlo Acutis by Ephrem Kunnappally